SS vs kHs

20 March 2020

Opposing team: kHs

Country: Czech Republic 

Date: 20.03.2020


Hitbox: skinshot

Map: SF Airport Mini

SS team: [SS]Cannibal, [SS]Paragon

kHs team: kHs]_SweeTSwag, kHs]thelaroi

Rounds: 1x30

1. SS 30 : 14 kHs (Cannibal, Paragon vs SweeTSwag, thelaroi)

Total: SS 30 : 14 kHs

Total score

After having played one round kHs started accusing us of using cheats, which was funny because we were playing with AC, but they completely ignored it and kept whining. Then they left the game. Very irresponsible and shameful behavior by this team, wouldn't recommend anybody playing CW against them.