SS vs SfG

29 February 2020

Opposing team: Sawners for GTA

Country: Czech Republic 

Date: 29.02.2020


Hitbox: skinshot

Map: SF Airport

SS team: [SS]Cannibal, [SS]Paragon

SfG team: sfg.jappi, sfg.LoTTaS

Rounds: 2x30

1. SS 30 : 17 SfG (Cannibal, Paragon vs jappi, LoTTaS)

2. SS 30 : 14 SfG (Cannibal, Paragon vs jappi, LoTTaS)

Total: SS 60 : 31 SfG

Total score

After the second round LoTTaS has withdrawn from the match, therefore only 2 rounds have been played.