SS vs SnS

15 February 2020

Opposing team: Sawners Never Stop

Country: Czech Republic 

Date: 15.02.2020


Hitbox: skinshot

Map: SF Airport Mini

SS team: [SS]Cannibal, [SS]VooDoo

SnS team: [SnS.MujBo], SnS].JcKb_

Rounds: 1x30

1. SS 30 : 13 SnS (Cannibal, VooDoo vs MujBo, JcKb)

Total: SS 30 : 13 SnS

Top damage: [SS]Cannibal (1910)

Top kills: [SS]Cannibal (23)

Top kill/death ratio: [SS]Cannibal (4.59)

Top efficiency: [SS]Cannibal (3.25)

A very disappointing turn of events this time. After playing the first round the guys from SnS started complaining about "lags", even though they both had 0% packetloss and 70-80 ping, which is completely normal. Moments later they both left without any explanation, which is pretty immature and disrespectful to the opponent.

Screenshots: 12