Team SturmStaffel was created in 2012 on the russian server simHost by 3 players: Cannibal, WhiteOne and EGoZoNE.

The clan name may be translated from German as Storm Squad, the name and idea which we always try to do justice to, confronting our enemies head-on no matter what. Our playstyle was always based mostly on sawn-off/run weapons play. 

Over the years playing on russian public servers we proved ourselves as eager competitors. These days we are looking for new challenges at the international level.

As of 2021 [SS] is the only active russian clan in the european CW/TG scene.

Servers where you can find our players:

Russian Sawn-off Community | Skinshot | RU host -

Russian Sawn-off Community | Skinshot | EU host -

If you are interested in playing a CW or TG against us, please contact us in discord: Cannibal#5769 or Bri1iant3g.#4100